The KNOWLEDGEFLASH* site itself is a demo. To get back to this page, simply click the "Back" button on your browser. The DEMOS with * have sound. If you have speakers, please turn them on.

Graphics , Logos, Photos and Drawings:


DEMO 1 (Health Canada (Canadian Health Network, CHN) 'face lift' proposal

DEMO 2 (HRDC site for RFP, Systemscope)

DEMO 3 Canterbury Community Association (published)

DEMO 4 Proposal for Florida Fitness site (redesign of existing site)

DEMO 5 (commercial site for property development firm to be published Dec. 2004)

DEMO 6 commercial site for collection agency (draft)

DEMO 7 (commercial site proposal for patent firm (face only))

DEMO 8 Chocolate Fountain Rental (published)

DEMO 9 Swiss law firm ( waiting for information)

DEMO 10 Holtz Heritage Restoration and Custom Carpentry (published)

Demo 11 Creative Traffic Directors (DRAFT)

Animation DEMOS:

DEMO 1* (Parallel parking animation)

DEMO 2* (Turing Machine animation)

DEMO 3* (Tulip animation)